What readers are talking about this week

An Opinion commentary proposing a bicameral system for Singapore ("Time for two Houses of Parliament?"; Tuesday) got readers talking this week. Most readers disagreed with having two Houses of Parliament, citing possible inefficiency, politicking and a larger burden on taxpayers as reasons.

Most feel that the current system works, and that diversity in Parliament can be increased by having more Nominated MPs covering a wider range of areas and interests, rather than by curtailing the nation's nimbleness with prolonged legislative debates.

Mr Heng Cho Choon, however, said: "Bicameralism has enriched the process of democratisation, spreading and intensifying the rule of law by improving legislative production." He added that having two Houses of Parliament ensures that more voices are heard, reduces corrupt influence over both Houses, eliminates the ability of power to fall into the hands of a few, and deliberately slows the legislative process to ensure fairness and reduce rash legislation.

Here are these letters:

Strengthen, not alter, Parliament
Two Houses will enrich democracy
Add diversity in Parliament without compromising efficiency
Single House of Parliament allows Singapore to be nimble

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