What readers are talking about this week

This week, a report that public hospitals and polyclinics here are hiring more foreign doctors, as Singapore faces a shortage of trained medical staff, got readers writing in. 

Ms Maria Loh Mun Foong suggests that a better way to address the issue is to train more Singaporeans locally. 

Mr Francis Cheng asks what the selection criteria are for recruiting foreign doctors, while Mr Ho Kar Kaye says that as the shortage is in the public sector, ways should be found to retain local doctors in that sector. 

Another topic that got readers talking: the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) move to tighten technical requirements for motorised bicycles.

Mr Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan calls the move “a breath of fresh air” and says motorised bicycles should be classified as motorcycles, and be used only on roads.

Mr Chen Dihua  finds the LTA’s new regulations timely and appropriate.

However, Professor A. Lee Gilbert believes the LTA move “represents a lost opportunity to innovate and introduce new technology to our roads”.

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