What readers are talking about this week

Ageism at the workplace, processed meat and respect for teachers were topics that got readers talking this week.

Mr Geoffrey Kung suggested getting creative in tapping seniors' abilities and experience at the workplace. Mr Khoo Kim Leng sought to clear up misconceptions about Mr Simon Owen Khoo Kim San's earlier letter on why employers might be reluctant to hire older workers, and highlighted the benefits of anti-discrimination laws.

A report on the link between processed meat and cancer prompted Dr Quek Koh Choon to write in to say that people should pay some heed to the health warning, but Mr Chan Yeow Chuan urged readers not to overreact to the news.

Madam Evelyn Chan Wai Yee echoed the call in a commentary for teachers to work with parents for their children's benefit. Madam Chan said there should be greater appreciation and understanding towards the hard work put in by teachers, and called for more respect for these people who shape our children's future.

Here are some of these letters:

Pay heed to WHO's health warning over processed meat...
...but no need to overreact
Respect teachers - they shape our kids' future
Be creative to get the most out of older workers
Reality of workplace ageism

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