What readers are talking about this week

Volunteerism and maintenance for former husbands got readers talking this week.

Mr Kwan Jin Yao suggested finding out more about people's level of engagement in doing volunteer work and reasons for not doing more volunteer work, so that policies may be tweaked or introduced to address concerns. Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng urged the private sector to follow the lead of the civil service in giving staff time off to do volunteer work. However, Mr Francis Cheng urged caution, raising concerns on cost and logistics.

On the proposal to amend the Women's Charter such that a former husband will be able to apply for maintenance from his former wife if he becomes incapacitated by illness or disability and is out of work, some readers have suggested that the law should go further and apply this to ensure greater gender equality when it comes to divorce maintenance. Mr Clement Yap Ying Jie and Mr Ng Wei Shee say that if gender equality in a marriage is society's goal, then this equality should extend to the dissolution of marriage as well.

Here are these letters:

Look deeper into boosting volunteerism

Private sector can make an impact in volunteerism, too

Don't force private sector to give days off for volunteering

Good law should ensure equal opportunities

Uneven maintenance laws stand in the way of progress

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