What readers are talking about this week

Euthanasia and assisted suicide continued to be a hot topic this week, with many readers supporting assisted suicide if this would bring relief to elderly patients' suffering. But some feared this would take us down a slippery slope.

The legalisation of gay marriage in the US sparked a flurry of letters from readers, who were divided on the issue. Some cautioned against allowing gay marriage in Singapore, saying society should protect the traditional family unit of a man and a woman as parents. Some argued that gays were humans too, with natural human emotions and desires, and should not be denied the same rights as others.

The topic of car ownership saw a resurgence, with some readers asking for the system to be tweaked such that more people would be able to own and use cars when necessary, and be charged for road usage, instead of car ownership.

Here are some of these letters:

Euthanasia, assisted suicide run counter to medical ethics

Don't promote death as the solution

Sometimes, the humane thing is to let go

S'pore must stand firm against gay marriage

Don't encourage discrimination in society

Address issue of LGBT bullying

Tweak COE system for better social outcomes

Fulfilling car aspirations, curbing congestion

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