Voices of Youth: On Parliament, supporting local produce

Treat WP MPs as constructive force

In one fell swoop, the People's Action Party (PAP) lost three 4G office holders when its Sengkang GRC team lost to the Workers' Party in the general election, an outcome that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong described as a major loss to his team.

Far from being a loss, I believe the election of credible opposition MPs actually presents a valuable opportunity for the Government. Instead of treating the opposition members as competitors, the Government can choose to view them as a constructive force.

They should treat their ideas with respect, and can even co-opt some of them into policymaking. Associate Professor Jamus Lim is a clear example of someone who can bring something constructive to the table on the economics front. And Ms Raeesah Khan, who has been an activist since the age of 17, can contribute to the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

As National University of Singapore Business School Associate Professor Lawrence Loh noted, the election result reflects a desire to see diversity in Parliament as an important part of good governance (A watershed election and new normal?, July 12).

Ryan Goh Wei Jin, 18

Support local produce

Singapore aims to produce 30 per cent of its food requirements by 2030 through various initiatives. Alas, the complication lies with few being able to easily identify home-grown produce (Demand for local produce must match supply: Amy Khor, July 19).

Supporting local produce has multiple benefits. Besides local food being freshly picked and nutritious, consuming such food also reduces "food miles".

By and large, imported food travels over thousands of kilometres to arrive at supermarkets, and reducing food miles means less transportation, visibly scaling down carbon emissions, which helps to prevent global warming.

The coronavirus pandemic has also drawn attention to the significance of food security. Many overseas supply chains have been disrupted, and Singapore has to find ways to sustain its population through local produce.

This pandemic will be around for some time. It will take a collective effort to reach our goal by 2030, and I strongly urge every Singaporean to do his best in supporting local produce.

Sharie Tay Yi Xuan, 13

Secondary 1 student

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