Take more steps to encourage reading

Members of the public reading at the National Library.
Members of the public reading at the National Library.ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

That there is a greater interest in reading in Singapore is good news, (People in S'pore reading more: NLB study, July 1).

This rise in the number of readers signals a brighter future for our knowledge-based society and more opportunities for lifelong learning.

To sustain or improve this healthy reading situation, the public has to play a role by encouraging others to read more.

If teachers and parents themselves take a proactive approach to reading more and form good reading habits, it will augur well for the future generation.

Regrettably, reading habits are often postponed until a child starts his kindergarten or primary education. However, if parents can cultivate reading in the young, this effort will go a long way to instil in their children a healthy reading habit in the future.

The promotion of the reading habit can be further enhanced by employers - including clubs and associations - setting up small libraries for their staff.

China's former premier, Mr Wen Jiabao, once said that a man has no future if he does not read books, and neither does a nation.

Hence, concerted efforts must be made to encourage more people to read so that reading will become second nature over time.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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