Sunshades not the only problem on roads

File photo showing traffic along Lornie Road.
File photo showing traffic along Lornie Road.ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE

I share Mr Ikhsan Suri's concern about the use of partial sunshades and how they interfere with drivers' vision on the roads (Shed light on the use of sunshades on car windows; June 4).

The sunshades are just one of many concerns I have as a driver.

Chief among these is the daily assault on the eyes from cars fitted with dazzling lights.

Carmakers are being blamed for this annoyance.

Cars today are fitted with ever-more powerful headlights, and carmakers are marketing it as a "safety" feature.

Soft yellow halogen headlamps are now superseded by stronger Xenon or High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights and even brighter generations of LED lights that produce a harsh blue light that is twice as bright.

These make for a very uncomfortable experience for drivers at the receiving end.

The authorities might also want to look at other problems, including:

- Encroaching onto the lane on the left to afford a wider space when making a right turn.

- Stopping at a red light under the shade of trees with a wide gap against the car in front.

- Slowing down suddenly until a near-stop and doing a right turn without signalling.

With the constant glare from headlights that can cause one to wince with a painful reaction, and the various types of inconsiderate behaviour of motorists, life on the road can be quite a bummer.

Amos Wu