Stop and show some kindness to foreign workers

We can all learn from Mr Kalam Mohd Abu's kindness and empathy for a needy elderly woman (Cleaner wins hearts and recognition for kind act; April 20.)

His spontaneous selfless act has touched many of us and made his fellow foreign workers in Singapore proud.

There have been many instances of foreign workers showing public spiritedness, kindness and a readiness to sacrifice themselves for the well-being of others.

I hope their altruistic attitude and efforts make us realise that they, regardless of the work they are engaged in, should not be taken for granted.

Not only are they willing to do the jobs shunned by locals, but they are also diligent and can be relied upon in an emergency.

They have and will continue to contribute towards our country and people in many ways.

It is sad that although the foreign cleaners are familiar to residents, their work often goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

Greeting them and thanking them for a job well done is the least we can do to show our appreciation.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng