Separate Reader's Posts sections for different generations

Ms Eunice Xie

Would like to see more of the Reader's Posts that appear on Monday. Currently, this is seldom published. Perhaps for students who are studying in JC, and polytechnics, and those who are over 21 years of age (as they do not qualify to contribute to the Youth Forum), there should be a separate section for them; and a separate section for the Pioneer Generation.

Our reasons:

Readers' Post in print is one part of the Readers' Post package. Readers can access the Readers' Post online (  to continue the discussion raised in print. For instance, several readers continued the discussion on ST's policy on transgender pronouns at our Readers' Post website after we began the discussion in the print page on Jan 26. We have published virtually all the mail we receive in the Readers' Post paget. If we receive more opinions and views consistently, we shall certainly consider increasing the frequency of print publication.