An RSVP for ST readers

Dear ST Readers,

Welcome to our latest offering, the ST Readers’ Post. We have created this space in print and online to engage you on any issues related to The Straits Times in particular, and the media in general. Ask us what you wish about our reports on any of our platforms, and we will try to address your queries.

Puzzled about a choice of headline or picture? Tell us why, and we will give you an insight into how decisions get made in the newsroom.

Tell us why you like the things we do, or why you don’t, and how you think we can improve, and we will air your views. Please e-mail us and let others join in the ST conversation you’ve started. 

Some might ask: Why the need for such a space now? 

We have found, from our discussions with readers, that many have thoughtful questions about things they read in the paper or on our websites, or considered views on how things might have been treated differently.

We are happy to hear you out, and to explain why and how we go about our daily job of making judgment calls on what goes into the newspaper, or one of our digital platforms, and what does not. 

Of course, we don’t always get it right, but we try our best to do so against deadline, and with the best information available to us. 

The ST Readers’ Post will be moderated by our newly appointed ST Readers’ Editor Yap Koon Hong, a senior journalist who has played various roles in the newsroom. Having served on the news, sports, foreign and Forum desks, as well as on the sub-editing team, he is well placed to address queries on how these different parts of the newsroom operate. He will work in consultation with his colleagues in our newsroom, but will be free to draw his own conclusions, and take an impartial view.

The Readers’ Post will appear in this space once every two weeks, just before the Forum pages. But, in some ways, the two are quite different.

While the Readers’ Post is all about discussing what, how and why we do what we do in the newsroom, the Forum page is for letters from readers and the public on an expansive range of subjects, as well as official replies by government and private agencies. 

The ST Readers’ Post is unrestricted to contributions in the form of commentaries, articles and pictures, and postings as well. The bulk of this content will appear online in a special site, The Straits Times Readers’ Post, largely because of the advantage of time and space the Internet offers. There will also be a Facebook and Twitter presence, which will be updated frequently. 

Our Readers’ Post has only a few simple rules. We welcome civic debate and engagement, and will gladly publish the most passionate opinions, but we will not hesitate to drop attacks which are personal, rude or crude.

We ask you to state your names and contact details (mobile numbers and e-mail, Facebook and Twitter addresses). Apart from your name, your personal details will remain confidential and will be released only with your permission. 

ST has served our readers in Singapore since 1845. As we navigate a rapidly changing media landscape, do join us in shaping how best we can continue to do so. 

Best regards,
Warren Fernandez
ST Editor