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Should areas be set aside for foreign workers to socialise safely?

They are already welcome to use the same facilities as everyone else, such as parks and beaches.

It's their choice to picnic by the roadside.

AZ Man

Accidents can happen anywhere, any time and in any form. I don't think you need to restrict foreign workers or have a designated place or area for them to mingle and chill.

Most of us know that open public places are available, like beaches and parks, but foreign workers perhaps choose to chill in the Orchard Road area for the convenience of meeting up and getting food.

Shahrin Shah Sarbini

Some of us can't afford to go to East Coast Park or elsewhere and would rather hang out around Lucky Plaza, not that I agree with my fellow workers sitting on the pavement.

Most of us have curfews - we go out around 9am to 10am and have to be back by 6pm to 7pm. If we need to send money, we queue for around 30 minutes or so, then spend the rest of the time catching up with friends or relatives. It's just for convenience that they choose to chill around Lucky Plaza.

Maui Alcaria

Just build more public spaces. Not malls.

Nafeesa Docura

Sidewalk picnics are not the problem. Reckless drivers are.

Mark Turner

Yes, we should. They should not sit everywhere at their convenience and inconvenience others.

Rachael Yoong

The location of Lucky Plaza is convenient, with buses, the MRT, taxis, shops, supermarkets and money remittance centres.

Filipinas have been going there for many years on their Sundays off. One can see that they are so happy chatting away there.

To relocate them, the new place must have all the mentioned amenities within easy reach.

Nothing bad has happened there for decades, until this accident. Should they be relocated just because of one accident?

Yes, if a good alternative can be found for them. If not, just let them be. Many foreign workers look forward to their Sunday gatherings. Have a heart.

YS Koh

Are we falling into a caste system if we set up a special area for foreign workers? It's the workers' choice to be wherever they choose.


Filipinas used to gather behind Orchard MRT station, where Ion Orchard now stands. We should find a safer place for them to gather.

Marvin Tan

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