Forum: On Facebook: Wage support payouts, complacency

Should companies not badly hit by the pandemic keep their Jobs Support Scheme payouts?

There should have been more stringent criteria for dispensing grants to companies, like how self-employed persons had to qualify for the Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme.

Tessa Koh

How do you determine "badly hit"?

Hai Tong

How can you tell if the firm will be affected later by the aftershocks of the disaster?

Jimmy Beany

Do you think some in Singapore may have become complacent about Covid-19?

They are old enough to think. If they can't think and act rationally, then they have to accept the consequences.

Kelvin Neo

I have been seeing people drinking and chatting at the restaurants.

It's good that people are back in the community, it shows that they are not as tense as before in handling Covid-19.

Yet it also means that we have to be prepared for a second wave, and more jobs will be lost if we take it that life is back to normal now.

Joy Tay

Definitely. Even though the Government gave the okay for more businesses to reopen, it does not mean we have to rush out, either. We still need to be careful and go out only when necessary and avoid crowded places.

Nicholas Russell

Cannot close the economy forever. Livelihoods matter, especially for the vulnerable.

Kluang Views

The crowds are out in full force. People are dining at hawker centres, and friends are meeting up for lunch. If masks were not mandatory, I believe we would see another spike in Covid-19 cases.

We cannot expect our Government to micromanage, but if we educate people on the severity of the virus and how it causes permanent damage even after a patient recovers, perhaps people would be more vigilant.

Ann Lim

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