On Facebook: Singapore's otter population

Is it time to rein in Singapore's otter population?

Humans cause a lot of damage to their environment. They cut down trees to plant crops, build factories that cause air pollution. Why not rein in the human population?

Matthew Lin

Yes. If there are advocates for the welfare of pet dogs, then I am sure that owners of koi and other fish can also stand up against these pests.

Kum Meng

Love our otters because they are true-blue Singaporean wildlife. Let us coexist and show tolerance towards them. Ninety otters in a population of five million people is hardly an "infestation of otters".

Teo Nam Siang

Yes, I was for this once they started eating the fish at Botanic Gardens. The otter lovers keep using "the law of nature" to justify the destruction of property caused by these pests.

Justin Koh

The smooth-coated otter is native to South-east Asia. They were here long before we were even known as Singapura. While it is unfortunate that they have a habit of using people's precious koi as buffet meals, at the end of the day it is us who should be taking precautions (such as covering the pond with a net) rather than us culling them to bend them to our whims.

Gordon Teo

Yes, control the population. They are a nuisance. I have seen an otter bite off the head of a fish it caught, then throw away the whole fish instead of eating it. They hunt fish for sport.

What is worse is that they attack humans.

Teng KS

They are an iconic part of Singapore. You should be protective of them.

Melissa Jooty

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