On Facebook: Full-time MPs

Should Members of Parliament go full time?

My observation is that there's no longevity in being an MP. It is not a long-term job. So an MP goes full time at his own risk.

Robin C. H. Chua

It should be made compulsory for MPs to attend a certain number of parliamentary sittings. They are there to represent the people who voted them in. They can hold day jobs, but serving the people and fulfilling their promises should take priority.

Tian Yong

MPs should commit full time so they can serve their residents wholeheartedly. A part-time MP would view his commitment as supplementary to his full-time job.

Cheong Tuck Chee Garry

It's not necessary for all MPs to go full time, especially ministers who have important matters to handle on a day-to-day basis. Nonetheless, attendance should be made compulsory for all MPs, and if physical attendance is not feasible, they should at least be required to dial in.

Perh Wei Xiang

If all MPs go full time, then how can they adequately represent their various fields and sectors?

They will become more out of touch.

Danny Ngiam

It's always nice to want someone to serve as a full-time MP. We could try to make it compulsory to go full time if elected as an MP, and see what calibre of candidates comes forward to contest the election.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

Is there that much work that MPs need to go full time? They are working in their constituency on weekends.

Kingston Krishnan

Yes, they should switch to being full-time MPs. They would physically walk the ground more often, have a longer time window for Meet-the-People Sessions and serve the community.

Gerald John Theseira

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