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Should wearing a mask when unwell be made the norm?

Yes. I drive a bus and every day, I see a lot of passengers coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth, and not wearing a mask. People should see the circumstances around them and wear a mask.

Muhammad Zain

I saw an old man spit and sneeze in public today. We need to start to learn to be more civic-minded.

Jackie Anne

It is best that all professionals who will be exposed to crowds wear masks while the rest should wear only at crowded or confined places.

James Tan

Educate the public to discard masks properly - fold, disinfect, bag, then discard in appropriate waste bin.

Janet Tang The virus is so tiny, do you think wearing a mask is good? It could be in our hair, hands, everywhere in our body. Just keep yourself clean and stay at home.

William Lee C C

Not only those who are sick, what about those preparing food in foodcourts and hawker centres?

John Heng

How can we get students more interested in Singapore's history?

Forget about the past as an exam subject. Worry more about the future of innovation and creativity, and job creation.

Jason Tan

Link our history to how it has led to today's Singapore, and even our future, not just learning about history in isolation. Such linkages will help make the connection and give a whole meaningful picture. These include bringing the history to them in the form of interactive, visually appealing apps.

Our museums can be further enhanced with more IT.

Kevin Tan

The Ministry of Education would have to review the curriculum and tweak it. During my time, a lot of the secondary school content was on the founding of modern Singapore, origins of Singapore. Also bits and pieces of the chaotic formative years. It's a different era now.

Maybe the focus should be on recognising our unique identity and our challenges the last 50-odd years.

Soon Joo Kuo

Society places too much emphasis on science, technology and even sports. Do we care about our intangible assets like literature, history, music, drama and the arts?

Cathy Cheng Cheng

A passionate history teacher may help ignite an interest in his students.

Tess Wagner This is not a history problem. The issue is how to get students interested in anything and everything other than what they are prescribed in school.

Alf Chern

Make heritage tours a part of their co-curricular activity. There are many heritage galleries in Singapore where admission is free and they are underutilised. We have many volunteers who can give guided tours.

Contact the museums or galleries to take students on exciting tours. Give the students projects to do while on the tours.

Loh Wai Poon

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