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Do you think Singapore should be locked down? Why or why not?

Yes. If all the countries lock down at the same time for two weeks, I think you will see the numbers decreasing. It makes a lot of difference. Now you are encouraging social distancing. But look at the MRT. It is jam-packed with people and defeats the purpose of social distancing.

Clarice Viola Pereira

No lockdown. It's not necessary at this point of time. The measures being taken (if adhered to strictly by all) will result in fewer cases by mid-April.

Faheem Hurzuk

A lockdown is a drastic shortcut to supposedly control the outbreak, which I don't think is currently out of control.

As it is, even without a lockdown, many businesses big and small are suffering.

It would be that much harder for our economy to revive later on if we decide on that path now.

Tan Pin Ho

No need for a lockdown. But employers must also allow working from home as much as possible and people should also be considerate of the situation and not go out unnecessarily.

Problem is that when there's no lockdown, some will carry on with business as usual, completely oblivious of the severity of things.

Stephen Leong

Do people know what a lockdown means? Are they willing to forgo their salary and job if businesses cannot operate? Can they stay at home until lockdown is lifted? Will bills for loans and utilities be waived during the lockdown period? Like Malaysia, for the lockdown to be effective, the military will have to step in to arrest people who violate and step out of homes unless they were given approval to buy food. Is this what people want? A lockdown is not a holiday, it's being imprisoned at home until the virus is eradicated.

Andrew Neo

We are already in a semi-lockdown mode. Businesses and livelihoods are already affected. If a total lockdown is imposed, everyone will suffer. Not only economically, but also socially.

Katherine Liam

I think it's best to wait and watch at this moment. We should practise social distancing and work from home or stay at home whenever possible. However, if the numbers escalate steeply over the next few days, perhaps a total lockdown should be considered.

Lalitha Ramanathan

Look at other countries which have imposed lockdowns, how many have succeeded in stopping the virus? A lockdown is not the only solution, it needs to be in conjunction with other actions.

Loh Wan Leng

It's a good time to lock down as many countries are already doing so. If we do it only when the Singapore health system is at its breaking point, it may be too late. By that time, other countries may be recovering while we go into a lockdown. We would then miss even more economic opportunities as other nations open their doors while we are still closed.

Irene Louis

As much as citizens have many different views about the way our Government is handling this, we need to understand that our Government is taking all measures to avoid a lockdown so that we can live our lives as regularly as possible, which is a blessing. Let us all do our part to be considerate and responsible. That way, we should not reach a situation in which we need a lockdown. Let's all work together to win this battle.

Jennifer See

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