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Is the Singapore Civil Defence Force's public warning system outdated?

The current sirens are too soft. Make them louder as this is critical when emergencies happen. The SGSecure app is okay for now, so continue with it.

Abdul Malek

A survey should be carried out to determine how many people really stop whatever they are doing to listen to the message. I suppose only those driving at that particular moment will be listening to the radio.

Robin C.H. Chua

In South Korea, they regularly do drills. People really scramble to shelters when the sirens come on. Their readiness is honed by practice, practice, practice.

Ng Chek Hock I didn't hear the siren when I was in a mall. Should liaise with malls to play the siren through their announcement services.

Karen Chong

What considerate acts should the public adopt amid anxieties over the coronavirus situation?

Now that the Ministry of Health has mandated five-day medical leave for acute respiratory illnesses, patients should stay at home and not use the sick leave to run errands.

Au Kah Kay

Please don't throw your used tissues and masks everywhere. Dispose of them properly. I went for a walk yesterday and the path was littered with used tissues and masks.

Suresh Ramasamy

All public toilets should be automated. Toilet main entrances should be doorless. What's the point of washing hands and then have to use that handle touched by thousands to get out? Be polite and gentle when voicing different views. It is rather disturbing to see many unpleasant words being thrown at our ministers. This doesn't serve to make us a more civilised and tolerant society.

Law Sit

When we visit a polyclinic, we are issued a small round sticker in green or orange to signal whether we are having a fever.

But when people left Punggol Polyclinic to head for Oasis LRT station, stickers could be found everywhere, on the handle in the lift. It doesn't take much to dispose of a sticker properly, fellow Singaporeans.

Freya Lim

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