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Is discrimination against older workers common in Singapore? If so, how can we guard against it?

Yes, age discrimination against mature workers, particularly professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) aged 50 and above, is still rife in Singapore.

It is very sad, as many of them are talented, experienced and fit as a fiddle, as well as technology-savvy, but they continue to face long-term unemployment or underemployment.

- Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon

If the young realise that they are expected to support, through their pay cheques, in the form of taxes, every able-bodied senior who is forced to retire, I am sure their attitudes towards such seniors would change instantly.

- Shu Ennis

Is Haw Par Villa worthy of national monument status? Why, or why not?

Haw Par Villa was one of the earliest tourist attractions.

It delivers the message that bad deeds will be repaid in the underworld in the form of torture. The craftsmanship for the works in Haw Par Villa is amazing, too. Something worth remembering.

- Jason Shim

With the current renovation, probably not. With enough funds, I think it can potentially be one.

- Jarrot Tan

No, because it a theme park and theme parks do not become national monuments.

But it should be repaired, renovated and reopened.

- Arissa Iman

Does the use of gloves by food handlers actually help ensure better hygiene? Or does it give them a false sense of security and result in the misuse of these gloves? How can gloves be used properly?

With the gloves, they handle food as well as money. Many people have had contact with the money, and you never know where it's been.

- Kelvin Ang

The problem is staff multi-tasking as food handlers, dish washers, cleaners and cashiers, and switching from one role to the other without taking off the gloves.

- Kihon Go

So many handle cash with the gloves on, I wonder why they wear them in the first place.

Many of them are not trained to understand, but just do it because it's a regulatory requirement.

- Jason Leong

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