Forum: Not many jobs that Singaporeans can't handle

Office workers walking across Raffles Quay.
Office workers walking across Raffles Quay.PHOTO: ST FILE

I concede that if there are jobs that Singaporeans cannot do better or will not do, then, by all means, engage "foreign talents" for those jobs (Extending quota system to employment passes would constrain firms, by the Singapore National Employers Federation, Feb 3).

But there are really not many jobs that fall into these categories.

Even if firms require such talents, a quota system could still be imposed as not many of such positions are required.

In most cases, Singaporeans can compete on skills, expertise, experience and work ethic, but they cannot compete on wages.

Raising a family in Singapore requires a certain level of income due to the high cost of living.

Having $2,000 to raise a family in Singapore is different from having the same amount in a foreign country.

Singaporeans should be allowed to compete on what they can do, and not on how much they are paid.

Colin Loh Yoon Fui

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