Forum: Next-generation ERP a necessary upgrade

An ERP gantry along the CTE on Aug 26, 2020.
An ERP gantry along the CTE on Aug 26, 2020.ST PHOTO: GIN TAY

In his letter, Mr Sunil Kumar Ragnath suggested that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) void the next-generation ERP tender and adopt a system that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, and that this would save money (GPS can do what new-generation ERP can, Sept 12).

The tender for the new Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system has to proceed because the current system, which is more than two decades old, is nearing the end of its operational lifespan.

The new system, in fact, uses GPS technology. However, for security reasons, charging cannot be done through a smartphone, but will be through a new on-board unit (OBU).

The ERP system contains the travel data of one million motorists and this needs to be protected. It is better not to allow communications links between the system and personal mobile phones.

Charging through an OBU, which is an integral part of the ERP system, will better ensure data integrity.

Mr Peter Loon Seng Chee questioned the need for a separate OBU display when there are already in-vehicle displays and smartphone displays (On-board unit for new ERP system needs better design, Sept 16).

The LTA will need to study this suggestion, taking into consideration data integrity and user experience.

We will be moving into our next round of consultations with industry soon, including workshops, and will also explore ways to install the OBU display unit in a less obtrusive way.

Lam Wee Shann

Chief Innovation and Transport Technology Officer

Land Transport Authority

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