Forum: NEA should suspend house visits for dengue checks

Dengue awareness banner.
Dengue awareness banner.ST PHOTO: TIMOTHY DAVID

Whampoa, where I live, is a red alert zone for dengue. National Environment Agency (NEA) officers have been going door to door checking for mosquito breeding grounds and will come to my block in due course.

With all of the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 measures in place - declaration of health status when entering banks, hospitals, airports and community centres; stay-home notices; self-isolation; and social distancing - why is NEA sending its officers to households?

In the process, they could possibly transmit the virus to the households.

I go to great lengths to protect myself by staying at home, social distancing and so on. Why should I now allow NEA officers, who have visited all these other houses, into my home and put my health in jeopardy?

How would I know if they have been to households where people are in self-isolation?

Maybe the NEA officers have been exposed to the virus and are infected but show no symptoms.

I live alone and I'm 63 years old, I do not want to catch the virus.

P'ng Seok Oon

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