Forum: Making sure hygiene practices observed at public pools

The Queenstown Swimming Complex.
The Queenstown Swimming Complex.PHOTO: ST FILE

We thank Mr Tan Beng Seow and his friends for observing good pool hygiene practices and also for his feedback advocating stronger adherence to them (Bad hygiene at public pools, Feb 21).

It is safe to swim in our public swimming pools as the water is tested five times daily, in accordance with the National Environment Agency's guidelines.

As of now, there is no evidence to suggest that the coronavirus can be transmitted through swimming pool water.

We also display signs prominently to get users to observe proper hygiene practices for the safety and benefit of all swimmers.

We note Mr Tan's concerns and our ground staff will continue to look out for errant users and guide them to observe the rules.

We emphasise that it is a social responsibility to maintain the hygiene of public swimming pools. Some good practices include:

• Showering before entering the pool and after swimming.

• Taking bathroom breaks when necessary.

• Refraining from swimming while sick or with open wounds.

We welcome Mr Tan and his friends to our swimming complexes and encourage them to continue staying fit and healthy.

Sng Hock Lin



Sport Singapore

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