Make marriage preparation course compulsory for all

I completely agree with Mr Tang Li's insightful letter (Ease of getting married may be the problem; May 28).

For years, I have been urging the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to introduce a mandatory marriage preparation course for every couple who wants to get married.

Sadly, such a programme is still not compulsory, unless it involves minors or Muslims.

It is well known that anybody who embarks on an endeavour - whether it be getting a degree or a driving licence or anything else - has to work hard in order to attain their goal.

A lifelong union needs work, and couples need all the help they can get.

I certainly do not say that attending a marriage preparation course will result in a "happily ever after".

But, precisely because there is no such guarantee, it is all the more necessary for couples to prepare.

I applaud the Muslim authorities for making marriage preparation mandatory for members of their community, and hope that the MSF will soon make it a requirement for every couple wanting to get married in Singapore.

Lim Boon Seng