Young hawker a role model for entrepreneurs

Ms Aericurl Chng, with her desire and ambition to start her own business, even in a hawker centre, is one of the many young entrepreneurs who can be considered to be role models for the younger generation ("She's cool about starting out in hawker centre"; April 20).

Young adults today are more ambitious and some deviate from working for an established company.

They are keen on taking their innovative ideas and schemes and turning them into reality and businesses of their own.

However, hawker centre start-ups are a dying trend. Setting up a hawker stall requires dedication, and stallholders have to bear with long working hours, tough physical labour and variable salaries. It is no surprise that many have little interest in manning a hawker stall and prefer cafes.

Hence, 23-year-old Ms Chng's move to set up her business in a hawker centre is inspiring.

Her passion is rare in this day and age, and may encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to venture down this route to preserve Singapore's culture.

Rebekah Arielle Lim (Miss)