World needs to take tougher anti-terror stance

The recent terrorist attacks in France and the report of wanted Malaysian militants hiding in the Philippines planning to unite Muslim terror groups in South-east Asia to set up an Asian Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror network are alarming (" Paris lockdown after terror attacks" and "Malaysian militants plan to start ISIS faction in S-E Asia"; both published on Nov 15).

The world responds by calling the acts of terror despicable and by tightening security.

But what's new about this? We have all heard this before. In fact, the only concrete expression I heard was France declaring an act of war against ISIS. I did not hear any other country declare themselves to be in a state of war against ISIS. They all make general statements alluding to combating terrorism in general, probably because for most, ISIS is not on their radar.

The world will huff and puff at terrorism. Nations will tighten border security. Security of key places will be heightened. Angry words will be issued. But in a year or two, nothing much will have changed. ISIS and the various terror groups will still be around.

Enough is enough. Governments across the globe need to decide if they are truly committed to the total destruction of ISIS.

The world united against Hitler in World War II. Allied powers were formed and the full military might of land, sea and air power was directed at the enemy. It was war.

Such must also be the response against ISIS now. A signal must be sent to all would-be terror groups that the world will not stand by mouthing meaningless rhetoric against terrorism, but will act to exterminate them.

Matthew Ong Koon Lock