Win shows the world a small nation can achieve great things

As a proud Singaporean, I was almost teary-eyed as Joseph Schooling pounded the pool to reinvent the soul and spirit of Singapore ("Historic moment for Schooling, historic moment for Singapore"; Aug 14).

By grabbing gold and, amazingly, in an Olympic record time in the 100m butterfly final, he has proven to the world that although we are a small nation, we are capable of great things.

It was overwhelming to watch the medals ceremony and see our red-and-white flag being hoisted and flying high. Winning a gold medal at the Olympics was a dream come true not only for Schooling, but also for many Singaporeans.

He has shown that with single-minded vision, combined with passion, talent and mental fortitude, nothing is impossible.

His resounding victory is a wake-up call for all Singaporeans to give their best and be completely focused in their pursuits, so that they acquire the wherewithal to succeed in whatever they have set out to achieve.

Not only schoolchildren, but also adults persevering to excel in their endeavours would be wise to take a cue from the efforts of Schooling.

The authorities and sports bodies should also show greater enlightenment and foresight in boosting support and resources for budding athletes from all fields of sport, while ensuring that the administration and management of sports activities are properly governed.

We need more Schoolings to show that we are a sports-loving nation, too.

The Olympic triumph has reinforced my pride and sense of belonging to Singapore.

V. Subramaniam (Dr)