Will CPF Board release detailed statement to all nominated beneficiaries?

It was gratifying to read that the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board finally acceded to the request from a nominated beneficiary for his late father's detailed financial records (Having procedures doesn't mean error-free execution, by Mr Neo Lin Chen; June 8).

Could the CPF Board clarify whether its decision represents a change of policy regarding the release of account statements and other financial records to nominated beneficiaries, or is it merely a one-off exception to its rules?

If the decision is to maintain its current policy, then I will consider giving a standing instruction to the Board to release to my nominated beneficiaries any information pertaining to my CPF account, upon request, upon my death.

If the Board has indeed changed its policy, then it should issue a statement clearly stating this, and indicate any conditions attached.

It should also include a statement highlighting this arrangement in its nomination form.

Young Pak Nang