Why were subsidies for elderly ended after flat downgrade?

I applied for the Seniors' Mobility and Enabling Fund subsidy for my 99-year-old mother after passing the Household Means Test in April. I did the application through the Agency For Integrated Care (AIC).

The subsidy was approved and I used it to purchase consumables (tube feed nutrients and adult diapers) and for home nursing services with Home Nursing Foundation (HNF).

When I downgraded from my three-room HDB flat to an HDB studio flat for the elderly in July, I retook the Household Means Test on the advice of an AIC staff member.

I was shocked when the HNF told me that following the latest means test, I no longer qualified for subsidies. The subsidies were immediately terminated.

There was no change in my household qualifying criteria - household income was zero and the annual value of my HDB studio flat is less than $13,000.

If there are any doubts about my continued eligibility, should not the Health Ministry interview or consult the applicant for clarification?

My attempts to contact the MOH and AIC to find out why subsidies for my aged mother were terminated have been unsuccessful.

I am deeply distressed by this.

Termination of subsidies without any reason or explanation or some notice is extremely harsh and totally unacceptable.

I wish that MOH and AIC showed more professionalism and compassionate in their processing procedures.

Susan Tan Lim Neo (Miss)