Why was Medifund help halved?

When I first applied for Medifund assistance in 2013, I was given 100 per cent assistance, but since May this year, it has been reduced to just 50 per cent.

No reason was given for the cut in assistance.

I am 82 years old and cannot do any work due to my age and ill health.

I see a string of doctors for a whole range of reasons, including heart, stomach and kidney ailments.

I have also takenX-rays, scans and ultrasound tests whenever the doctors order them.

A recent MRI ordered by the gastroenterologist required me to shell out more than $500.

I am sure all these tests are necessary for the doctors to proceed with the proper treatment.

What do I need to do to get the 100 per cent Medifund assistance which I used to get? I hope the authorities can help me understand.

Danam Raphael