Why huge cost of transferring vehicle registration number to used car?

I am puzzled as to why the Land Transport Authority (LTA) charges $1,300 to transfer a car registration number to a used car and only $100 to transfer it to a new car.

In this day and age, when computer systems are used, why is there such a big difference in fees? Is it 13 times more difficult to transfer the registration number to a used car?

Additionally, as my car is coming to the end of its 10-year lifespan, I wrote to the LTA to ask for a waiver of the $1,300 fee to transfer my car's registration number to my wife's car, on the grounds that the transfer is within the family.

I was asked to submit photocopies of our marriage certificate, identity cards and car registration details. But my application for a waiver was rejected.

Why all this red tape and the big difference in transfer fees?

Vincent Ong Kok Lam