Why fuss over when Pioneer Generation card is shown?

My mother was in Hougang Central recently when she experienced an acute pain in her legs and had to be assisted to a nearby clinic by a passer-by.

When she was shown the bill, my mother showed her Pioneer Generation (PG) card to the woman at the counter, only to be told that the card had to be shown at the point of registration. My mother was made to pay the full, unsubsidised bill.

I checked the website of the Community Health Assist Scheme (Chas) and found that the woman was right - in order to enjoy subsidies at Chas clinics, you have to present your Chas or PG card with your NRIC upon registration.

I called Chas for help on this matter, and it reached out to the clinic. However, Chas staff members called back to say that there was nothing further they could do, citing the policy.

This raised a few questions:

Why is there a need for the PG card to be presented at registration? Does it make a difference in the quality of treatment given? If not, then why have such a policy?

PG card holders are elderly and often illiterate. Isn't it sufficient that they can show proof of their subsidy entitlement?

Tan Kim Hong (Ms)

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