Whole country worked as a team

My family had a wonderful long SG50 weekend, and we thank all who made this possible, such as the event organisers and the performers who put in a lot of effort in planning, training and rehearsing to ensure we enjoyed their wonderful performances at the National Day Parade and other celebrations.

Many people in the food and retail industry worked very hard to ensure we had nice food and enjoyed good service.

Law enforcers were on full alert to ensure we had a safe and orderly weekend.

The best part: When a bus' path was obstructed due to a car parked along the road at Gardens by the Bay, passers-by took the initiative to move the car aside to make way for the bus.

The whole country worked as a team to ensure everyone had a wonderful long weekend.

My son is very proud of his country and tells me that Singapore is small but mighty. I tell my son that it is exactly this team spirit and the excellent leadership that have made Singapore successful.

With strong team work and excellent leadership, when our children and grandchildren celebrate SG100, I'm sure Singapore will have the same success and remain mighty.

Sim Lim Onn