When heart and marriage go hand in hand

It was so uplifting and inspiring to read the report of a woman who, despite losing her father through a tragedy, found happiness through his heart ("Bride escorted by man with dad's heart"; Aug 11).

For most of us, when we lose our loved ones, we will be devastated and fall into grief for some time.

But when a loved one perishes in a cruel way, such as in the senseless shooting that killed the bride's father, then bitterness, anger and even revenge can take over.

But for the bride, Ms Jeni Stepien, she did not allow the tragedy to pull her down. She decided to remain positive, bearing in mind that sometimes, something good can come out of something bad.

For all parents, it will always be a joy to participate at their children's wedding.

With her father gone, Ms Stepien asked the man who received her father's heart to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

This exceptional story highlights how much good can come out of helping others through organ donation.

I hope more Singaporeans will pledge to donate their organs.

Raymond Anthony Fernando