What to do if insurer makes unjust decision?

My wife's car was knocked from the rear by another car on the Pan-Island Expressway. She submitted a third-party claim against the other car to her insurance company, AXA, at one of AXA's appointed workshops.

After weeks of waiting, we were shocked to be informed that the AXA-appointed surveyor company has accepted 50-50 liabilities.

Coincidentally, the other car is also insured by AXA. We appealed to AXA to re-look the case and questioned if it was taking the easy way out by splitting liabilities 50-50 because both parties are insured by it.

AXA replied that unless we are able to provide video evidence of the accident, it would not be able to do anything.

Car owners in Singapore are facing escalating insurance premium costs year after year. Yet, they are provided with very little protection, and certainly no avenue to seek redress when an unjust decision has been made.

They appear to be at the mercy of the insurance companies to decide how an accident case should be dealt with, or even worse, by third-party surveyor companies.

What can ordinary car owners do to protect themselves if their insurance companies do not help them? How can car owners seek redress for an unjust decision made?

Vincent Ong Kok Lam