What followed after unsuccessful delivery of package

We thank Mr Peh Shun for his feedback ("Let down by SingPost service"; Forum Online, Nov 6).

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and have apologised to Mr Peh. The package from the United States was delivered to him on Nov 11.

We have also checked that the postman and customer service staff followed our standard operating procedures.

Our postman attempted to deliver the package to Mr Peh on Oct 9. As the delivery to him was unsuccessful, the package was sent to the Pasir Ris Post Office for his collection from Oct 10.

According to our standard operating procedure, our post office would keep a package for 10 working days, which was Oct 23 in this case, for the recipient to collect the package.

A reminder dated Oct 20 was sent to Mr Peh to inform him that he could collect the package at the Pasir Ris Post Office by Oct 23.

As the package was still not collected on Oct 23, Pasir Ris Post Office proceeded to return it to the sender.

On Oct 29, our customer service staff received a query from Mr Peh about this package and informed him that the package had been returned to the sender.

The customer service staff member also informed Mr Peh that a retrieval request could be made based on a best-effort basis and with a fee of $21.40.

Mr Peh agreed to retrieve the package.

Subsequently, the customer service staff tried to call and then sent an e-mail to Mr Peh to inform him that the package was ready for his collection from the Paya Lebar Post Office from Nov 3.

We assure our customers that SingPost takes every care to ensure that our deliveries are prompt, and we have standard operating procedures to minimise human error in the last-mile delivery, which is very labour-intensive.

Lim Li Koon (Ms)
Group Communications
Singapore Post