Week's Top Letter: Treat our parents the way we dote on our children

I agree that seniors can feel lonely and suffer from depression even though they are living with family members (Living with family, but still feeling lonely; Dec 27, 2018).

However, solving this problem involves more than just having someone to communicate with the seniors.

I have observed that family members do not properly communicate with seniors because they do not consider their physical conditions, such as their hearing and eyesight problems, mental condition and mobility.

There are also instances of familiarity breeding contempt, like when a person shows more care, respect and restraint to his friends or guests than to his parents.

We tend to forget that seniors still have their pride despite their age or state of health.

It is common for people to think that as long as they have provided enough financial and material support, they have fulfilled their duties to their parents.

Filial piety goes beyond just money or material comfort.

It involves catering to our parents' psychological and emotional needs as well.

If we treat our parents the way we dote on our children, the issue of loneliness among our elderly will be resolved.

Seah Yam Meng