Week's Top Letter #2: Help S'pore national flower to bloom

Singapore's national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim.
Singapore's national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim.ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

Many of us are aware of our national flower - Vanda Miss Joaquim.

The flower is depicted on many official publications, including our currency notes.

It has beautiful colours and is elegantly shaped - like a ballerina dancing.

Unfortunately, this flower is very difficult to find in Singapore. Neither residents nor our local nurseries seem interested in planting it.

One of the rare places to find it is the Botanic Gardens.

It is a shame that so little attention is given to Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Even the National Parks Board does not grow it in parks for citizens and tourists to enjoy.

I felt embarrassed when an overseas visitor asked why our national flower is such a rare sight in Singapore.

I hope the relevant authorities can come up with plans to do justice to the flower. For a start, schools and parks could be encouraged to plant it.

A national flower has to be commonly seen and enjoyed by citizens or it loses its significance.

Lee Huan Chiang