We have a true Singapore identity

It is heartening to observe that our leaders do not just pay lip service to the importance of race equality, but that they practise what they preach (A place for every race; May 24).

Many times, I have seen Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong make it a point to interact with all the ethnic groups during community functions or at national events.

For instance, to mark the recent Mother's Day, Mr Lee was seen distributing pink carnations to both a Malay woman and her Indian friend at a hawker centre when meeting Ang Mo Kio GRC residents.

A few days later, he visited the Singapore Sports Institute, where he chatted with Team Singapore athletes Shakir Juanda and Nur Syahidah Alim, who will respectively represent our country in silat and archery in the coming SEA Games and Asean Para Games.

In all his National Day Rally speeches, Mr Lee has never failed to highlight success stories of non-Chinese Singaporeans who have excelled in various fields, be it education, sport or business.

Singaporeans have come a long way since 1965, when we became an independent country. During this short period of time, we have been striving for a fair, just and inclusive society.

This attitude is the cornerstone of our continued endeavour to help form a culturally rich and socially cohesive community.

What is more important is that we do not let anything adversely affect our achievements in this area.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng