Ways to stop the burning

I disagree that boycotting palm oil products would be effective in combating the haze ("To resolve haze woes, boycott palm oil products" by Mr Eric J. Brooks; Sept 15).

Affected countries should refocus on new measures to put the onus back on plantation owners to stop the burning.

Strong political will and collective efforts are needed in a two-pronged approach.

First, we need to educate farmers that acid rain would hurt them and their children. They will need to be provided with the right equipment to clear land without starting a fire.

Next, when haze occurs, plantation owners must prove that they are not engaging in slash and burn practices. They will have to pay heavy penalties if they are found to have breached regulations.

Surveillance cameras could be installed to catch rogue plantation farmers, as well as a deterrent against slash and burn practices.

We need to nip the haze problem in the bud and address farmers' burning practices.

Paul Chan Poh Hoi