Waive new airport fees for Pioneer Generation

Currently travellers who fly out of Changi Airport pay $34, but from July 1, there will be an increase of $13.30 (Higher fees for airport users to fund Changi's expansion; March 1).

The fees will rise each year until 2024, the authorities said. By April 1, 2024, the total departure fee for passengers departing from Changi Airport will climb to $62.30.

This is a good way to finance massive infrastructure that benefit Singaporeans, I must admit, but why collect from Pioneer Generation citizens?

They are now in their late 60s or 70s, and many may not have a chance to use the new Terminal 5, when it opens around 2030. So, is it fair to make them pay the development fees?

I propose that this move to charge additional fees be reviewed and perhaps this fees could be waived for the Pioneer Generation citizens of Singapore.

Lim Choo Beng