Wages of low-income workers still need to be reviewed

The National Wage Council should be applauded for its latest recommendation (NWC calls for pay hikes for more low-wage workers; June 1). It sets the pace for others to follow.

With higher salaries, low-wage employees will be able to do their work with pride. Their current wages should be increased gradually until everyone gets a minimum of $1,500.

But even with the latest recommendation, wages at the bottom end of our pay structure still need to be reviewed.

For instance, the salaries of some of our citizens, in particular the seniors, are much lower than the recommended minimum wage in many developed countries.

Also, the cost of living has been rising, thereby increasing the pressure on these people.

Many in Singapore would be happy to see salary corrections being made for those in the low-income group. These workers must benefit from our system as well, if we are to consider ourselves an inclusive society.

Let us show them more empathy.

Perhaps the Government can consider subsidising the wages so that everyone will earn a minimum of $1,500.

V. Balu