Visit to new attraction a let-down

I visited the Coney Island Park with a relative from the United States on Oct 15 ("Coney Island Park opens to the public"; Oct 11).

The visit was a disappointment. Taking the Lorong Halus route, there was no signage leading to the island park.

I found out from others that the entrance was off the main road, cut off from traffic by a metal gate. Walking past the gate and farther down the road, there was a small wooden road sign pointing to the direction of Coney Island.

Once we reached the park proper, though, there was adequate signage for the various locations in the park.

We headed to the beach (Area E), looking forward to a dip in the sea. Alas, the beach was like a dumping ground, full of rubbish. We left the park in less than half an hour.

The experience gave me the impression that the project is not fully ready yet, and is not easily accessible without one's own transport.

Goh Boon Kai