Vehicle inspections necessary to ensure road safety

We thank Mr Adam Chan Teck Guan for his feedback ("Review vehicle inspection period"; Forum Online, Aug 10).

A timely and regular vehicle inspection regime ensures that vehicle owners maintain their vehicles in roadworthy condition, and this minimises the potential of their being a hazard and causing inconvenience to other road users.

We regularly review the frequency and passing standards of the inspection test to ensure that they are in line with the latest international standards and practices.

On Mr Chan's hypothesis that warranties keep cars in a better condition at the three-year mark, the reality is that 7 per cent of cars failed their three-year vehicle inspection last year. The percentage has, in fact, increased since 2008.

Motorists may have their mandatory vehicle inspections done at any of the nine Land Transport Authority-authorised vehicle inspection centres. Inspection fees are set by the inspection companies and are not determined by the LTA.

Helen Lim (Ms)


Media Relations

Land Transport Authority