Valuable lessons picked up at charity sale

As we were preparing to move to a new home earlier this year, my family had to decide what to do with the many things we had outgrown or did not need any more.

We decided to let our 10-year-old daughter and her friends plan a charity sale, with all proceeds going to the Punggol North Citizens Consultative Committee Community Development and Welfare Fund.

Having obtained permission from the authorities for the event, the girls, over a period of two weeks, put up posters, priced the items, spread the word and planned the logistics for the charity sale, all on their own.

Not many people came by the booths initially, but the girls learnt not to be discouraged and decided to proactively bring people to the booths.

Their efforts at the playground and the surrounding flats paid off, and soon, people came and bought the items.

My daughter was delighted that her form teacher dropped by with her family to lend support. Her other teacher and the vice-principal were also supportive in helping to create awareness about the event at their school.

This has been a good learning experience for my daughter and her friends.

The six girls of various races learnt to work together to plan an event for a good cause and not to give up when results did not show immediately.

Most of all, they learnt that even though they did not get anything tangible for their hard work, they could find joy in helping those who have less than them.

Irene Louis (Ms)