Valet parking at SGH meant to help motorists in a hurry

We fully understand the difficulties that the public face when looking for parking spaces on the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) campus ("Do-it-yourself valet parking service at SGH" by Mr Kishore Vasu; Forum Online, Nov 23).

To alleviate their stress, especially when they are in a hurry to get to scheduled appointments, part of the carparks near SGH Block 4 and the Diabetes and Metabolism Centre are designated for valet parking.

In Mr Vasu's case, a valet had explained to him that the vacant parking spaces he saw were meant for valet parking.

Mr Vasu accepted and paid the service charge but chose to park his own car.

When he returned near closing time, all car keys had been taken to the booth for safekeeping. A valet then handed over Mr Vasu's car keys and informed him of the location of his car.

Even though the valet offered to retrieve his car, Mr Vasu declined.

We are sorry for Mr Vasu's experience and are working with the operator, Wilson Parking, to enhance its valet parking service.

Wilson Parking has since contacted Mr Vasu to address his concerns.

We urge the public to utilise other carparks within the campus, such as the multi-storey and open-space carparks in MacAlister Road, which have a connecting shuttle bus to SGH Block 4, or take public transport, if circumstances allow.

Philip Heng

Acting Director, Operations

Singapore General Hospital