Use President's Challenge funds to help nursing homes

It is a sad state of affairs that Ms Michelle Low Mei Lin and her sister had to go from pillar to post to secure a nursing home for their mother - even going across the Causeway to ensure that the much needed support was given ("Reduce impact of new rules on nursing-home residents"; May 18).

Caring for a loved one with serious health issues is by no means an easy task, for it is emotionally, financially and physically draining. Yet many caregivers will make those sacrifices to ensure that their loved ones do not feel neglected.

Which is why there must be a supportive system in place that will encourage caregivers to provide love and care to their elderly parents in their twilight years.

It is shocking and unprofessional that one of the major nursing homes told Ms Low and her sister not to leave their contact numbers, as it would not be calling them back. Where is the compassion for our seniors?

Given that some nursing homes will have to close down owing to the cost of running a home, I propose that at the annual President's Challenge event, some funds be channelled to the financially troubled nursing homes, so that Singaporeans will not be deprived of professional care for their elderly parents.

Raymond Anthony Fernando