Use of disability toilets: Able-bodied should not add to difficulties

As able-bodied people, we must be more considerate and empathetic towards people with disabilities.

It is both selfish and misguided for us to attempt to partake of their necessary privileges.

Ms Teo Mee Hong ("Be inclusive, but gracious, in use of toilets"; Forum Online, Sept 7) is wrong to support Mr Wong Boon Hong's argument ("Tackle misuse of disability toilets at its root"; Sept 5) that a wheelchair user would still have to wait his turn outside a disability toilet that is occupied by another legitimate user, as this defence is clearly flawed.

First, the majority of people are able-bodied: The probability of a disability toilet being already occupied by a legitimate user when a wheelchair user arrives is significantly lower compared with the scenario where the able-bodied are added to the equation.

Second, claiming that able-bodied people face the same barrier of waiting and, therefore, expecting people with disabilities to follow suit shows a serious ignorance of the difficulties faced by the latter on a daily basis.

While education is still under way to help those who fail to understand that priority alone is inadequate, Jurong Point shopping centre's card access system remains a step in the right direction ("Tap-in to use toilet for the disabled"; Aug 28).

Terence Lim