Use discretion and don't follow trends blindly

I laud Beverley Ramona Tan Pang Yie for her bold stand on being true to oneself ("Stand apart from constant need to fit in"; Voices of Youth, Nov 2).

There is no reason why teenagers should feel like they are treading on eggshells when they are with their peers, and fear being shunned if they do not conform to certain accepted standards of behaviour or norms of dressing.

One should not embrace the latest trends blindly but, rather, be mindful of appropriateness and modesty. One should always use one's judgment and discretion.

Above all, one should not go against one's conscience just for the sake of hoping to be accepted.

There are some youngsters I know who are not active on social media, and they seem to be no less happy or well adjusted. It is, and should be, a matter of personal choice.

Social media serves as a tool of communication, and like many other tools, may be misused.

One is free to "unfriend" someone in the virtual world if one wishes to, but still be friends in the real world.

Likewise, friends are free to post what they want about their lives, but bold and praiseworthy is he who sees no need to fit in at all times.

It will be a sad world if one's sense of self-worth is defined by how others see him.

Everyone should stay true to themselves and be the unique person they are meant to be.

Low Siew Hua (Ms)