Upgraded lifts are only slightly smaller

The principal concern of a resident who wrote in to the ST Online Forum was the "significantly smaller" size of the new lifts ("Lift upgrading in Nee Soon a disappointment" by Benjamin Tan Hock Beng; Nov 2).

The new lifts are each 0.04 sq m (2.6 per cent) smaller than the previous lifts. However, due to the new design, the usable floor area is actually only 0.01 sq m smaller than the old lifts.

This new design is to ensure compliance with updated lift codes. They may visibly appear to be smaller than they are, due to their rectangular shape, compared to the octagonal shape of the previous lifts.

The new lifts are also fitted with larger round hand rails.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has shared that given the dimensions of wheelchairs and stretchers, they will be able to fit into the new lifts together with attendants.

The lifts were also certified by an Authorised Examiner prior to operations, and are checked periodically for operational safety.

Nee Soon Town Council had, together with MP Henry Kwek, organised a dialogue for residents on Nov 19. During the session, the town council shared the differences in the size of the lifts and the necessity to comply with the codes.

The residents agreed to the town council removing two of the handrails and replacing the other handrail with a flat handrail.

The change is being done to both the lifts in question. This information was shared via the notice on the lift lobby wall, highlighted by Mr Tan, to assure our residents that we are committed to making the change that we had collectively discussed at the dialogue.

The town council is trying to contact Mr Tan to share what was discussed at the dialogue.

The safety of our residents is our utmost priority. We thank our residents for their feedback.

Pauline Kwa (Ms)

Public Relations Manager

Nee Soon Town Council